Software / Freeware
from Rethinkit's Dev Team 

For the technically inclined, we will occasionally post some tools / scripts that we've written to help solve common problems.

Keep me posted if new software is added


AZUpload – Upload pst files in bulk using PowerShell


Dell BIOS Settings.ps1

Automate Dell Bios settings using powershell


Dell Command Update.ps1

Automate Dell Firmware updater for Desktops / Laptops
Setup - Installs the application (removes any old ones, does nothing if already installed)
- Configures app to auto-update
Refresh - Downloads any pending firmware updates
- Configures app to auto-update (in case it was changed post-setup)
AllDrivers - For a fresh Windows install, will grab all the drivers indiscrimanantly



Have a bunch of PST files that you need to scan and fix.
This repeatedly runs Microsoft's ScanPST.exe against your PST files until they come back clean.


RDP Port Change.cmd

Use this simple script to change your RDP port (from the default 3389) to a port of your…
Script: Change your RDP port and Firewall settings – Rethinkit


MailScavator 3.0
Have your .PST (Outlook archives) files taken over? MailScavator lets you select all your PST files and re-organize them by date and size. So you will end up with files named "Jsmith 2007.pst" etc.Go Industrial on your PST Files!   More


Use SmartPST to attach/detach PST files the way Outlook SHOULD do it in the first place.

- Works with or without Outlook running
- Automatically attaches/detaches files according to availability (no error msg and remembers to try again next time)
- Drag and Drop a bunch of PST files to attach them
- Easily change the display names of your PST files



Essentially, it's a disk groomer. It looks for files you specify and either deletes them or moves them to another folder (preserving the original directory structure).