Our Approach

Technology is a tool to achieve your business goals (Not the other way around)

Evolving your technology provides a competitive advantage

  • Streamline your existing technology
  • Add new technology in focused areas for maximum impact

The path of least resistance isn’t always the best one

  • Technology can’t solve every problem
  • Be wary of “cutting edge” technology
  • Strength to sacrifice the easy short term for the fruitful long term

An organized approach offers the best long term results

  • Standardize what you already own
  • ONLY build from a standardized foundation
  • Be proactive. Tackle small problems before they become large problems

History & Background
Established in 1998 as an IT consultancy, Rethinkit has evolved into a full range IT service provider

  • Many Rethinkit products were created to offer cost effective solutions for expensive problems
  • Founders pioneered a standardized computing environment for large financial firms
  • Adapted “best practices” by large firms for use at small and medium sized companies

Founding Partners


Jason Simotas

Founder & President

Jason Simotas focuses on technology research and strategy, application to business processes, and is our lead software developer. Before founding Rethinkit, Jason worked for Lehman Brothers for 9 years. Most recently he was Vice President for Core Technologies where, among other initiatives, he was responsible for a globally standardized PC desktop environment, software packaging and distribution, document management development and integration. Prior to Wall Street, Jason worked as a database developer with IBM in their product reliability area. Jason received a BS in Mathematics from the University of Chicago.


Charles Karnati

Founder & CEO

Charles Karnati is head business liaison, responsible for project design and implementation, change management, IT risk, and team development. Charles has over 17 years of experience at the NYSE and Wall Street Firms with experience including hiring, training and managing IT staff. Charles has helped many financial institution to develop large scale investor and fund management databases and compliance systems. He has management experience in customer service, CRM and information systems. Charles studied Electrical Engineering at Polytechnic University in New York City.