DiskJanitor v1.5 (Free!)


What does it do?
Essentially, it's a disk groomer. It looks for files you specify and either deletes them or moves them to another folder (preserving the original directory structure).

Main screen

Options area

How do you tell it what to delete?Step 1. Start with a folder specification. This is where disk janitor will look for the files you specify.

Separate multiple folders with a ';'
Paths with environment variables can be used (e.g. %temp%;%systemroot%\system32\)

Step 2. Give it the filename
Again separate multiple files with a ';'
You may use standard * and ? wildcards to specify a file (e.g. *.mp3)

Step 3. Press 'Search' to find a list of the matching files.

Step 4. Tell DiskJanitor which of the found files to delete

For instance only files older than 3 days.
Note: Ensure disk space is 'per drive' when multiple drives are specified.

Step 5. Press 'Options' and review what will happen to the deleted files

The first time choose 'Don't delete anything, just list files'

Step 6. Press 'Delete'

The files that would have been deleted are logged to file.


This will schedule Disk Janitor to run in the background on your system.
WARNING: any settings changes made to Disk Janitor will affect the scheduled operation too.

You must supply an account with permission to delete the files.
Remember if the account password changes the schedule will fail.