Private Cloud Services

We are private cloud specialists.  Choose from our suite of private cloud services have been carefully selected to satisfy criteria of security, functionality, ease-of-use, and regulatory compliance.  We will help you set up your own presence in the datacenter and ensure that your existing cloud services are sufficiently protected and recoverable.

Note: Pricing available on request.

Office 365 Mail Services

We will manage your Office 365 environment.  Get the best of Microsoft Exchange collaborative mail environment with none of the technical hurdles.

Google G-Suite Service

We will manage your G-Suite environment.  Get Google Drive, Gmail and Google apps for your business.

Hosted Email Archive (Global Relay)

FINRA, SEC and other regulatory agencies require some oversight of the corporate email stream entering and exiting your firm.  Global Relay seamlessly records all email conversations as required by the SEC and holds monthly random selections for your review so that you are always compliant and up to date.

Hosted Phone Service

We are a ShoretelSky partner.  More than just VOIP, this is a hosted PBX provider that manages your connection to voice services over a private circuit in your office.  This guarantees a QOS (Quality of Service) for your phone calls to avoid the drops, warbles, and static associated with VOIP.
Other alternatives we offer: Ring Central, Vonage for Business

Dropbox for Business

A local designated folder on your desktop or laptop is securely synchronized with other users in your firm.  Files and subfolders added to this folder are instantly synced with all the other desktops.  And best of all, since your copy is always local, you don’t have any of the speed issues associated with the traditional technology of a VPN to a central server.

Virtual Office / Remote Desktop

Our virtual office product can realize your business as a fully-cloud-based entity.  All employees use remote desktop technology to log on to virtual desktops connected together to a virtual file server in a datacenter environment.  Use the Microsoft desktop and Microsoft Office you are accustomed to in a fully virtual environment using any non-configured PC or Mac with a high speed internet connection.  Ready to go and ready to scale instantly.

Electronic Fax

Publish a regular fax number but receive faxes through e-mail – as a PDF file that is easily forward-able or printable.


We are trained in and can assist with implementation and proper use of this expanding CRM technology.