What are hosted solutions?

Hosted solutions / services are outsourcable pieces of your technology puzzle.

Traditional IT functions such as support, planning, backups, monitoring, storage, Web development, website hosting and email are all taken care of by a specialized company over the telephone, the internet, and occasional office visits.

Why choose hosted service over in-house?

With hosted service, you benefit from economies of scale and a one-to-many business model. Customers are charged on a subscription basis and there is little up-front investment.

For an equivalent in-house solution, you would have to consider additional staff, consultant fees, servers, networking, cooling systems, redundancy, backups, etc.

What services can be outsourced?

The list grows. Historically, the first service to be outsourced was website hosting.  After that it was Email, then File Services.

Rethinkit believes that even your IT staff can be outsourced.  That's what we do.

What company should use hosted services?

Traditionally, hosted services have been used by smaller companies to reduce their startup costs. The shift today is towards pieces of the IT puzzle where it "makes sense" regardless of company size.

For instance Email / Microsoft Exchange, when implemented in-house, requires heavy server infrastructure and expertise. Today, no company with less than 100 mailboxes should consider in-house Exchange. Even companies with thousands of mailboxes are happy to eliminate this complex yet crucial task.