Dell Bios Settings.ps1

Update Dell BIOS Using Powershell

Right click the appropriate .cmd file and Run as Admin

You can rename the .cmd file and the switches will adjust automatically (they are read from the name of the .cmd file)

DellBIOSSettings -SettingsCSV PowerOn -Systemtype Desktop -Action View.cmd
DellBIOSSettings -SettingsCSV PowerOn -Systemtype Desktop -Action Update.cmd
DellBIOSSettings -SettingsCSV PowerOn -Systemtype Desktop -Action Default.cmd
DellBIOSSettings -Action Export.cmd

It will call the .ps1 file with these parameters:

-quiet ## Proceed without user input (for automation)
-SettingsCSV PowerOn ## CSV Settings file to use
-Action View ## View, Update, Default (view= view settings, update= change settings according to csv, default = change settings to defaults from csv)
-Systemtype All ## System types allowed to be updated, system=All, system=Desktop, system=Laptop (Must be Dell Inc)


This is the CSV file with the settings you wish to change (you can make your own)


Admin Info



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