IT Director Services

- Rethinkit will serve as IT director/advisor for your company and will work side-by-side advising on technology-related issues, vendor selection and contracts.

Help Desk

- Service Level: Rethinkit staff will be available at all times for questions / advice. Business hours and instant access is M-F 9 to 6. On weekends and holidays we are on-call with 2 hour response.

Note: All calls under 15 minute are considered part of the platform service and not subject to billing.


Per-location networking

- Rethinkit will research all the important technology information used by your company:

- Rethinkit will create a central secure repository of Website access passwords, DNS information, Internet Registrar information, Internet Service provider contacts, Wireless configurations, Usage reporting, Network and Firewall configuration,Network diagrams, etc.

- Rethinkit will configure, document, manage and monitor the network (wired and wireless) at the locations specified above.

Technology coverage agreement

From an IT maintenance agreement perspective, we identify the areas of your technology that are under our responsibility and therefore areas which we monitor, document, have knowledge of, train as to the use of, etc.  For Rethinkit this includes what we call infrastructural IT: routers, switches, networks, wifi access points etc. according to the specifics of the agreement.   Included in our agreement for the fixed fee is the continuous maintenance, monitoring and updating of these systems.  This does not include the cost of the hardware itself, nor for labor to replace / repair these items.

The agreement primarily ensures to the business owner that any problems within these complex areas will be addressed quickly, professionally, and cost-consciously.  That a responsive and knowledgeable team will be at the owner’s disposal should any of these business-critical systems go down.  Keep in mind that, if something breaks, additional equipment is added, or if there are issues beyond normal maintenance, these events are considered unexpected and will incur hourly billing (beyond the 15 minute free access).

In general, we think that a business runs best when ‘ownership’ of critical areas is clear and delineated and encouraged.  A business might have directors for various areas: for sales, for security, for operations, for billing, etc.  Rethinkit’s business model is to act as the IT director, however instead of paying a salary for an on-staff person, the business agrees to a pay-per-use model for a fractional outsourced IT team, supplemented by a fixed monthly minimum that covers platform level upkeep.

End-user support

Rethinkit provides end-user support via a help line, remote screen sharing, email response, and other monitoring services.  Business employees have, at management discretion, direct access to these means of support.  Rethinkit considers any help session under the 15 minute threshold to be a non-billable event.  Beyond that, it is considered a ‘project’ and subject to hourly billing.  In person visits are always billed.  The 15 minute threshold exists because Rethinkit wants people to call, without concern for billing, for the small issues that can be easily corrected to make everyone more efficient.


Rethinkit will maintain a line of communication via a ‘support@’ mailbox (which you will receive copies of) to keep you informed of trends, problems, and opportunities.

Rethinkit and your company will both have a single point-of-contact/responsibility for most systems issues.

Instant Support

We use remote control to get on your screen instantly (with your permission). When combined with our 24/7 monitoring service, we get it fixed quickly.

Standardized Software

Same software packages, same versions across all your machines.  Starting with a standard level of Microsoft Office and Adobe Acrobat but extending to all the applications used by employees.
Note: It is up to the business to provide the licenses for the software

Domain / DNS / Registrar / Webhosting

These ‘keys to the kingdom’ are often overlooked and domain registrations can expire with disastrous consequences including losing your domain name.  We manage these services for you and alert you to any upcoming renewal requirements.