Dell Command Update.ps1


Dell Command Update.ps1

Firmware update tool for Dell Windows Systems

Current Version: Dell Command | Update 4.1 (released January 2021)
Download from Dell

Documentation:Dell Command Update Reference

Setup - Installs the application (removes any old ones, does nothing if already installed)
- Configures app to auto-update
Refresh - Downloads any pending firmware updates
- Configures app to auto-update (in case it was changed post-setup)
AllDrivers - For a blank Windows, will grab all the drivers indescrimanantly

To Update the installer
1. Go to and then Command Update and download latest .exe

Either the UWP or the regular app are OK, but for this purpose download the 'Universal Windows Platform version'

2. Extract out the 'DellCommandUpdateApp_Setup' and related files
Put it in the /Setup/Setup folder

3. That's it

If you don't see the Icon in Start Menu (look under Dell):
Apps List > Advanced Option > Repair

To Refresh
1. Run Refresh.cmd to auto-update your pc with latest firmware from Dell


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