Scenario 1 : Greenstart Legal

Greenstart Legal is a medium sized legal services company with offices in New York (30 employees) and Boston (15 employees). James Alfano, the chief admin officer, has been with the company from inception (5 years) and has overseen the information technology (IT) requirements of the firm.


In the beginning Jim did it all. With just a NY office of 5 it was not that bad: Email (from AOL at the time) was heavily used to share files back and forth. Computer problems beyond Jim's reach were handled as-needed by the IT consultants of the local computer store.

With a bit more growth Greenstart decided to add a bookkeeper / IT person (Susan) to work for Jim. Susan handled support calls and engaged in a number of projects including set up of a Microsoft Exchange server so that the company could have their own email and share calendars etc.

When Boston came on-line it became clear that Susan was being stretched too thin by the users and didn't have the expertise needed for some of the projects (Exchange and backups).

Rethinkit was asked to provide IT Support to allow Susan to focus on the books. After a trial period, Rethinkit was asked to provide the following:


Scenario 2 : Fruitilicious Juices

Fruitilicious Juices is a startup juice wholesaler. It's 10 employees are split among home offices, labs, manufacturing, and traveling sales.

The challenge

For Fruitilicious the problem came from sharing (or lack of). Since no two people are geographically close, the only method of sharing presentations and other documents was via e-mail. There was rampant version-itis: getting everyone on the same page was a problem. Also some people had Macs and others had Windows.


Scenario 3 : ToyZone Nationwide

ToyZone Nationwide is a mature retailer with over 50 stores throughout the country. For ToyZone, their IT bases were covered by their own staff, but given the specific headaches of managing Email services and Blackberry connections for such a widespread group, it made sense to outsource the email piece.

Rethinkit came up with a migration plan and there was no disruption of mail flow or mail access during the transition. What's more, because the spam / virus filter removes mail before it gets to mailboxes - end users are free to look at real mail versus managing the junk.