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Job Title

Associate, Project Manager, Rethinkit Inc.


Job Overview

Manage IT projects and implement rollouts for Rethinkit’s existing base of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) throughout New York City and beyond. Candidates should be tech-savvy college graduates with a high GPA and challenging course loads. We are also considering those who have been in the workforce for a few years but are looking for a change.  Candidates should also have a roll-up-your-sleeves entrepreneurial mindset and excellent organizational, analytical, written and verbal skills.


Salary and timing

Commensurate with experience
Start date: Immediate

Healthcare plan

Profit sharing Keogh plan


Are you the right candidate?

Do you quickly flip to the technology section of the news?  Do people come to you with tech questions? Do you take the time to explain as plainly and as clearly as you can? Do you try to automate / improve efficiency whenever possible?


Why this is a great job?

It’s entrepreneurial.  You will be joining a small group of technology professionals in downtown New York City managing technology projects for all kinds of companies: hedge funds and private equity funds, medical services companies, high-end foodhalls, car service companies, fashion retailers, law firms, national crisis orgs, political campaigns, airline financiers, research organizations.  This is like a management consultant position except it’s as a tech consultant to management.


You won’t be pigeonholed. You will be matched to areas that suit you.  If you like to work on teams you will be put on a project-management tract.  If you like new toys, you can be research-oriented and try new products.  If you are an organizational whiz, you can work in the operational areas of our firms. If you like to write code, there will be opportunities for that too.


It’s great exposure. You will NOT be sitting at a desk all day every day.  You will join professionals as they visit various client firms (roughly twice a week) throughout the city. You will gain valuable exposure to a variety of senior staffers at these firms and can build career-changing long-term relationships.


Firm Overview


Rethinkit Inc. is a professional services technology firm with two main lines of business.


Outsource IT Support Services

Rethinkit is a provider of IT services for Hedge Funds, Private Equity and other technology-focused small firms in New York City. These are firms that typically do not have on-staff IT yet want streamlined technology to run their business and support their employees. Customers that subscribe to this service receive the Rethinkit Platform (our flagship package of tools and standards) across all existing systems. This proven technology streamlines the function, support, monitoring and backup protection of those systems.  End-user and server-level support is provided by NYC team via phone/screen remote and office visits as required.


Cloud Services Provider

Rethinkit is a private-cloud provider for the following services: Microsoft Office 365, Google GSuite, Dropbox, Global Relay and FINRA compliant Email archiving services. Virtual Office remote desktop office-in-the-cloud services. Rethinkit differs from competitors in these spaces by offering included premium support that knows the customer, is easily reached, can quickly get on the customer screens to resolve issues and setup products.


Job Description (There are many available areas of focus)

Project Manager

Manage IT rollouts for our SMB clients.  Typical projects are 1 to 6 month in duration and involve these stages:

Scoping, Planning, Purchasing, Piloting, Training, Rollout, Maintenance

Communication at each stage with internal IT as well as SMB senior staff.

IT Director (Associate)

Rethinkit serves the IT Director role for many of our customers. Attend regular IT Director meetings with senior staff of our companies to learn how to fill this vital role.

Sample Projects

On Premises to Cloud Conversions: manage the conversion of a small business with on-site technology to cloud-only technology

Onboarding and Offboarding of staff: Manage the IT-related aspects of the hiring process for our customers

Desktop rollout: (Ongoing as needed) Migrate customers to new desktops. Improve the ‘blast’ process to cut down setup time.

MDM rollout: Manage the process of introducing mobile device management and other security improvements to our clients.

Office moves: Manage the physical planning, work with designers and architects, and lead the IT aspects of an office move on behalf of our clients.


Candidates will be expected to fulfill their primary role while building proficiency in these additional areas


Client Relations

Call / Email clients on a regular basis to encourage two-way dialog

Compile reports of inventory and IT audit results

Schedule regular meetings with companies to present results and update status

Identify and fix common sore spots



Intimate knowledge of technology being used across 30 companies where we are designated IT support

2nd Level support across targeted areas of expertise. Respond to designated calls / emails. Escalate as necessary.

Walk clients through common IT issues using phone / remote screen toolsets

Diagnose and fix emergency issues as they arise

Assist with issues inside of common applications (Outlook, Word, Excel, QuickBooks)


Development / Infrastructure

Contribute and compile technical tips and guides for distribution

IT infrastructure mapping and planning

Product selection. Research and test new products, new tech, new software

Web site tweaks. Blog updates

Learn scripting / programming / batch processing in areas where appropriate

Identify, label, monitor and organize client IT services


New Business

Vendor relations – Work with existing vendors and establish new vendors. (e.g. wiring, phones, suppliers, tech providers)

Assist with targeting and reaching out to potential new clients. Review their technology needs and assist in preparing proposals.


Compensation considerations

Technology generalist with deeper knowledge in key technology areas relevant to small businesses: Cloud Services (Office 365 Suite, Google G Suite, Dropbox, Box, Salesforce), Routing and Networking, Microsoft Servers and Desktops, Apple Desktops and Mobile, MS Office, Web, Scripting, Salesforce, Data protection and privacy.

Technology services and solutions experience preferred

Financial services experience preferred

Organized, Self-managed

Written and verbal communications are succinct, courteous, and professional

This position is for a project manager / business developer with additional responsibilities



Clean, professional, and polished look (Business casual)

Instinct to respond quickly but not reactively.
Fix problems with a long term approach (avoid band-aid fixes)

Learning curve is never flat

Raises the bar for rest of team

Projects confidence with customers

Will be expected to visit (local NYC) clients as needed.

Long term projects may require visiting a client site for several days / weeks.

Occasional pre-arranged travel to clients / conferences as needed.



Hours are nominally 9 to 6. However, hours have professional flexibility and may extend into evenings / weekends.

On an ongoing basis, hours must be recorded for client billing with brief summaries required for each time block. Submitted end of month and on time.

Staff is expected to be reasonably available always (via mobile device). Occasional weekend help desk coverage.

3 weeks paid vacation arranged with sufficient notice for coverage.


Hiring Process

Resume screening (submit to

Interviews initially by phone (follow up in person)
Technology skills assessment test
Due Diligence: Resume fact checking, Reference checking

Potential interviews with key Rethinkit clients.

Verbal Offer

Written Offer


Rethinkit Staffing

We are a small team of professionals providing premium-level support to those companies that place a high value on technology efficiency.

Permanent staff of 5. Non-permanent staff additional 10 (consultants and partner firms).  Leverages staff of other technology partners for projects / rollouts but Rethinkit has no plans to outsource technology functions to lower-cost providers.

As a small entrepreneurial firm, candidate is expected to share duties across the topics listed below. Ultimate responsibilities and assigned projects will focus on areas of expertise.


Rethinkit Location / Client Base

80 Fifth Ave, New York, NY.

Rethinkit Inc was founded in 1998 and is privately held. IT services clients (about 30) are local New York City. Some clients have designated desks for our use.

Private-cloud clients (about 50) are global but concentrated regionally.


Rethinkit Growth

Rethinkit intends to organically grow both lines of business, using the IT services experience to enrich and grow the private-cloud products. Long term goal is for private-cloud to overtake IT services.

Rethinkit will be adding staff as required to support the business Each new employee will allow further diversification of responsibilities while consciously avoiding isolation of those responsibilities.