What to do when your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen

Here’s exactly what to do if your iPhone or iPad is lost or stolen.
Try these out BEFORE you need to use them!



Find My iPhone must be ON
(includes Activation Lock)





Find My iPhone


Settings > Apple ID (your picture) > iCloud > Find My iPhone

(turn it On) This is the default

Note: Find My iPhone includes Activation Lock

Activation Lock prevents the phone from being used by someone else – even AFTER it has been erased


Medical ID should also be ON
(Optional but a good idea)
Medical ID

This shows your emergency contact on the lock screen (shows up as *Medical ID in the corner).  It’s the only person someone can call in case someone finds your locked phone.

Settings > Emergency SOS > Emergency Contacts

Go to any computer and go to the website: https://www.icloud.com/#find which will show a map and the location of your devices.

Use your Apple account to log on


Click on your phone.  It will tell you where and when it last checked in.


If Lost:
Click on Lost Mode and enter your  call back NumberIf Stolen:

Think about whether to just click Erase Phone  in case this person is malicious


And a  Message  
Your phone will lock immediately.  The finder will be able to call the number you specified.


That’s it!



 Note : Even fully erased, Activation Lock prevents your phone from being used without your iCloud password - As long as you still control it through your iCloud account