Best Practices for Small Business Security

MFA or multi factor authentication (aka 2FA)

  • MFA for Office 365.  This protects email / One Drive accounts. (FREE)
  • MFA for remote desktop (DUO) : This would protects remote logons. ($8 /month / user)


  • Lastpass for staff: This provides secure password storage, password auto-fill for convenience, secure password sharing among staff. ($8 / month / user)
  • Password rules: Long non-dictionary passwords changed infrequently.  No sharing across systems

MDM or mobile device management

  • MDM allows for BYOD (bring your own device) scenarios while keeping corporate data separate from personal data on mobile devices.  Fiberlink MDM ($8 / month / user)

PC security

  • Windows 10: Improves security in many areas.  Fingerprint / PIN logons, Windows Hello (face recognition to logon), Bitlocker (drive theft protection)
  • Data at rest security: Bitlocker enabled on Win 10 Pro.  This is a drive theft protection – Windows 7 drives can be read if they are removed from the computer.   (FREE)

Awareness, review, and testing

  • Corporate Policy and Best Practices – Updated and circulated annually.  What to look out for, what is expected of staff
  • Cybersecurity statement (External and Internal)
  • Vendor cybersecurity statement collection and review
  • Annual review of account lists, user lists, security – who has access to what
  • Verification of the above
  • Test phishing emails by an outside agency as part of the above